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Unique Variable Hemostasis Valve

Braidin™ Pro Adjustable Valve Guiding Sheath

Braidin™ Pro

Adjustable Valve Guiding Sheath

One and only large bore sheath with adjustable hemostasis valve, specifically designed for interventional procedures using large devices (TAA, AAA, TAVI, etc.), minimizing blood loss and vessel damage.


Unique variable hemostasis valve

- Simple click to adjust the valve

- Provide effective hemostasis to deliver various sizes of devices

Optimized sheath structure

- Double welded design to connect tighter for safer transportation

- Durable hydrophilic coating ensures a smooth placement

- Tapered sheath tip guarantees a smooth transition between sheath and dilator, reduces friction during insertion

- A soft sheath and atraumatic tip for safe insertion

Radiolucent sheath with distal marker provides outstanding visibility

Full range of sizes to meet clinical challenges

* The product is not available in all countries, please contact us for more details.

Product Codes

Length (cm) 14F 16F 18F 20F 22F 24F 36F Guidewire
15 92140150 92160150 92180150 92200150 92220150 92240150 92260150 0.038” * 80cm * J Tip
25 92140250 92160250 92180250 92200250 92220250 92240250 92260250 0.038” * 100cm * J Tip
35 92140350 92160350 92180350 92200350 92220350 92220350 92260350 0.038” * 125cm * J Tip

Note: All sheaths have no hydrophilic coating on the proximal 8cm

Braidin™ Pro Adjustable Valve Guiding Sheath

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