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Navigating Through Selective Vessels



Tips: 6 different tips for different anatomies

Catheter Body:
• Triple-Layer structure
• 7 segments catheter stiffness (decrease from proximal to distal)
• Hydrophilic coating for smooth and atraumatic navigation
• One/two Pt. markers help to locate the catheter

Comprehensive Specifications: 5 French Size (OD), 6 different length, 6 different tip shapes


More Specifications

- 1.8-2.7F in O.D., 100-180cm in working length,single / double Markers,370 specs in total

- 150cm/160cm/180cm for radial

More Accessories

- All specs equipped with: shaping needle, guidewire introducer, torque device and syringe (for embolic agent)

- All straight MCs are available with micro guidewire

Better Engineering

- Stainless steel & tungsten braiding brings in superb anti-kink performance and maneuverability

- Thin wall yet larger lumen facilitates efficient embolization and high flow rate

Easy Spot

- Hub in different color to differentiate MC size

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