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Braidin™ is a thin-wall, braided stainless steel mesh introducer sheath, the outer diameter is 1F lower than conventional introducer sheath. It allows the novel distal trans-radial access (dTRA).

Distal Trans Radial Access (dTRA) has a number of advantages compared to conventional trans-radial access (TRA), including but limited to shorter hemostasis time, lower risk of radial artery spasm and better patient comfort.

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Introducer Sheath

The Braidin™ is only a handful of introducer sheaths available on the market compatible with dTRA. APT Medical is working with physicians across the world to promote this approach to bring better clinical outcomes and patients’ wellbeing.

Please contact APT Medical Inc. should you wish to find out more about dTRA and Braidin™ introducer sheath.

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