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Blackeel™ Hydrophilic Guidewire


Hydrophilic Guidewire

Blackeel™ Nitinol hydrophilic guidewire with soft and atraumatic tip and Tungsten blended polymer to provide superior elasticity, kink resistance, torque control and high visibility. Durable hydrophilic coating of the wire ensures lubricity to pass through the tortuous vessels.


Excellent torque control

- Elastic material and integrated design allow 1:1 torque response to deliver the guidewire into the target vessel quickly.

Enhanced visibility

- Tungsten blended polymer ensures enhanced visibility under X-ray and enables accurate positioning.

Durable and lubricious performance

- Patented hydrophilic coating oers a durable and smooth approach possible even in tortuous vessels.

Soft and Atraumatic Tip

- Tapered design ensures a soft and atraumatic tip to cross tortuous anatomy.

Product Codes

Curve Length 0.018"/Standard 0.025"/Standard 0.032"/Standard 0.035"/Standard 0.038"/Standard
A 120cm 10A11812 10A12512 10A13212 10A13512 10A13812
150cm 10A11815 10A12515 10A13215 10A13515 10A13815
180cm 10A11818 10A12518 10A13218 10A13518 10A13818
260cm 10A11826 10A12526 10A13226 10A13526 10A13826
S 120cm 10S11812 10S12512 10S13212 10S13512 10S13812
150cm 10S11815 10S12515 10S13215 10S13515 10S13815
180cm 10S11818 10S12518 10S13218 10S13518 10S13818
260cm 10S11826 10S12526 10S13226 10S13526 10S13826
R1.5mmJ 120cm 10J31812 10J32512 10J33212 10J33512 10J33812
150cm 10J31815 10J32515 10J33215 10J33515 10J33815
180cm 10J31818 10J32518 10J33218 10J33518 10J33818
260cm 10J31826 10J32526 10J33226 10J33526 10J33826
R3mmJ 120cm 10J51812 10J52512 10J53212 10J53512 10J53812
150cm 10J51815 10J52515 10J53215 10J53515 10J53815
180cm 10J51818 10J52518 10J53218 10J53518 10J53818
260cm 10J51826 10J52526 10J53226 10J53526 10J53826
Curve Length 0.018"/Stiff 0.025"/Stiff 0.032"/Stiff 0.035"/Stiff 0.038"/Stiff
A 150cm - 10A22515 10A23215 10A23515 10A23815
180cm - 10A22518 10A23218 10A23518 10A23818
260cm - - - 10A23526 10A23826
S 150cm - - - 10S23515 10S23815
180cm - - - 10S23518 10S23818
260cm - - - 10S23526 10S23826
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