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APT Medical Transseptal Needle and Sheath

Braidin™ Cross

Transseptal Needle and Sheath

Braidin™ Cross transseptal sheath with stainless steel braided structure facilitates superior kink resistance and curve durability even in a long time procedure, smooth transition between the sheath and dilator makes puncture easier, multiple options of the curves available allows you to choose freely for different clinical needs.

The transseptal needle combined with a plastic handle is an economical and effective option for superior tactile, crossability and visualization of orientation during the transseptal puncture.


- Nylon elastic material of transseptal sheath ensures stable curve of the sheath

- Braided sheath for better pushability and torqueability

- PTFE inner layer of transseptal sheath enhances smooth delivery of the catheter

- Smooth transition between the sheath, dilator, and needle reduces the friction during puncture

- Special plastic injection molding handle ensures its flexibility and reliability

Demonstration of Braidin™ cross Transseptal Needle and Sheath

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