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Trans Asia Pacific Cardiac Intervention Summit

  • Online
  • Thursday, August 20th, 2020

Watch this video presented by Prof. Luo Jianfang, Dr. Hseng-Long Yeh, Dr. Sriram Tiwari, Prof.Luo Jianfang, Dr. Achmad Fauzi Yahya, Dr. Simon Lo to find out the insights about Cardiac Intervention procedures, and learn more about how APT variable guiding sheath, Braidin™ thin-wall sheath, and Expressman™ Guiding Extension Catheter improved their techniques and skills.


Speaker Theme
Prof. Luo Jianfang Welcoming
Dr. Hseng-Long Yeh Practice of Snuffbox (20min)
Dr. Sriram Tiwari Experience to Share in dTRI (20min)
Prof.Luo Jianfang Adjustable Valve Introducer in Cardiac Intervention (20min)
Dr. Achmad Fauzi Yahya Left Main Multivessel Disease PCI with Concomitant LAD CTO (20min)
Dato’ Dr. Simon Lo Tips & Tricks of PCI (20min)
Dato’ Dr. Simon Lo Session Evaluations and Key Learnings (5min)

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