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SinusFlex™, More Flexible


Due to the anatomic structure of the coronary sinus (CS), with wide individual variation, CS catheter placement is always a challenging procedure.

We can help on these with APT Medical SinusFlex™ mapping catheter which is specially designed for the CS placement through femoral vein.


Steerable Mapping Catheter

SinusFlex™ Steerable Mapping Catheter is steerable, with uniquely designed spatial curve, which greatly streamlines the whole placement procedure:

· Its unique design of spatial curve makes it easier to approach to the CS ostium and better adapt to the natural anatomic structure of the CS.

· Round and atraumatic tip of catheter avoids irritation to myocardium, so to enhance the safety of the procedure.

· Stainless steel braided structure ensures the stability and perfect support.

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