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Y Connector


Y Connector

SealingPro™ Y Connector is designed for effortless operation and delivers superior hemostasis. It's your reliable choice for seamless device connections during interventional procedures.


Push to unlock, pull to lock

- Easy to operate and good hemostasis with safe valve to lock/open

Nominal ID: 10F

- Big lumen for device delivery

Ultra short type

- Ensure the insufficient extension length of the devices in the vessel

High-pressure endurance

- Maximum 800psi by safe valve

Product Codes

REF Length (mm) I.D. (mm) Quantity Inserter Torque device Extension tube
18601100 60 3.4F (10F) 1 Y Y N
18821200 82 3.4F (10F) 1 Y Y Y
18891200 89 3.4F (10F) 1 Y Y Y
18992200 99 3.4F (10F) 1 Y Y Y

* The 60mm specification is only in the NMPA certificate.

Demonstration of SealingPro™ Y Connector (Double valve)

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