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The Flexibility You Can Control

Sailwire™ Guiding Sheath


Guiding Sheath

Sailwire™ Guiding Sheath with stainless steel coiled structure brings both flexibility and support at the same time, multiple configurations are available to meet different clinical needs, which extremely simplifies PAD interventions.


Superior Kink Resistance

- Stainless steel coil reinforced construction offers optimal support, kink resistance and flexibility

Enhanced Visibility

- Highly visible sheath and radiopaque band for easy and precise positioning

Durable and Lubricious Performance

- Patented coating on the distal ensures long-lasting lubricity and smooth advancing

Efficient Delivery

- Removable hemostatic valve to deliver devices easily during procedure, minimizing device exchanges

Smooth and Easy Insertion

- Smooth transitions between guidewire, dilator and sheath reduces friction and vessel damage

* The product is not available in all countries, please contact us for more details.

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