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New Insights into Cardiovascular Intervention: Latin America Perspective

18 Apr 2021

APT Medical hosted its first Latin America focused webinar: New Insights into Cardiovascular Latin America Perspective on March 26th 2021.

This webinar is hosted by Dr. Gabriel Maluenda from hospital San Borja Arriarán Chile, with cardiologists Dr. Pablo Spáletra from Argentina, Dr. Neisser Morales Victorino from Mexico and Dr. Jorge Andrade from Ecuador.

Dr. Pablo Spáletra’s presentation was about the distal radial approach and bifurcation, the presentation introduced the up-to-date radial access technique (dTRA) and complex PCI procedures via dTRA. Dr. Neisser Morales from Mexico also delivered a very informative and educational presentation about dTRA using Braidin™, it’s the second time Dr. Neisser Morales joined APT Medical at the webinar and he has been practising in dTRA since using Braidin™ introducer sheath.

The dTRA is only feasible via selected few introducer sheaths, including Braidin™ from APT Medical. The concept of Braidin™ is “thin wall”, it makes the outer diameter very small and keeps the inner diameter unchanged (in accordance to French size). The Braidin™ is very unique in its three layers structure with a reinforced metal braiding in the middle. The combined “Thin Wall” and metal braiding making dTRA the ideal next-generation access technique in PCI.

Dr. Jorge Andrade shared his experience and case in tackling a very complex bifurcation and dissection case. Dr. Gabriel Maluenda brought in the latest LAA (Left Atrial Appendage) closure cases and how to perform under intracardiac ultrasound.

APT Medical has been delivering one of the best intervention tools in the market. During the unprecedented time of the Covid-19 pandemic, APT Medical continues to support scientific communities worldwide.

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