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APT Medical Shines at EuroPCR 2024: Innovative Technologies Resonate with Global Experts

20 Jun 2024

The EuroPCR, the world-leading course in Interventional cardiovascular medicine, successfully took place from May 14 to 17, 2024, in Paris, France. The event brought together more than 10,000 attendees, including leading cardiovascular experts, researchers, clinicians, etc. from around the world to showcase cutting-edge research, technological innovations, and innovative clinical practices, driving the advancement of cardiovascular interventions.

APT Medical, a leading company in the field of interventional cardiology in China, was honored to be invited to participate in this prestigious event, where it proudly presented its comprehensive range of vascular interventional products and solutions. Throughout the exhibition, APT Medical's booth drew considerable interest from doctors and customers worldwide. Notably, our innovative CTO solution, featuring the Expressman™ Extension Catheter and Elong™ Microcatheter, received widespread praise and positive feedback for their unique design and superior performance.

In addition to the exhibition, a highlight of APT Medical's participation at EuroPCR was the sponsorship of a PCR Round table interview. Themed "Three tailored devices to ease the complex PCI procedures," the meeting brought together renowned CTO experts from three countries: Professor Jianfang Luo from China, Dr. Benjamin Faurie from France, and Professor Şevket Görgülü from Turkey. These experts gathered in Paris to discuss the integration of medical technology and clinical practice.

During the discussion, Professor Jianfang Luo highly praised the side holes design of the Expressman™ extension catheter for its effectiveness in mitigating the risk of ischemia and pressure damping during deep intubation in complex PCI procedures. Dr. Benjamin Faurie shared his positive experience with the Elong™ Microcatheter, highlighting its excellent maneuverability, trackability, and visibility, particularly in CTO retrograde approaches. Dr. Şevket Görgülü not only endorsed the Elong™ Microcatheter but also appreciated the CONQUEROR™ Lollipop Balloon Catheter for its superior performance in navigating through stents in tortuous vessels, significantly easing complex PCI procedures.

The participation and high praise from these experts reflect the growing international recognition of APT Medical's products and its strong technological innovation in cardiovascular interventions. More engaging discussions are available in the video.

Watch it now:

APT Medical remains committed to innovation and excellence, continuously driving the development and improvement of cardiovascular interventional products. We strive to bring innovative products and solutions to the global medical community, enhancing clinical outcomes and benefiting patients worldwide.