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Reliable Trapping for Device Exchange

CONQUEROR™ Trap Trapping balloon Catheter


Trapping balloon Catheter

CONQUEROR™ Trap Trapping balloon catheter is designed for the convenient exchange of devices by trapping the PTCA guidewire when the device is retreating, with high-quality design, it can provide stable trapping, maintain guidewire position and excellent visibility.


Spiral Catheter Design

- Descending stiffness to balance pushability and flexibility

High Pressure

- High RBP of the balloon ensures the guidewire is trapped and stabilized safely

Superior Visibility

- Platinum-iridium marker for clear visibility under x-ray

Wire-embedded tip

- Out of the wire to reach the target location rapidly

Enhanced Pushability

- Stainless steel pusher with good pushability

Product Codes

REF. Shaft O.D. Crossing profile Balloon Diameter Balloon Length Working Length Number of Depth Marker(s) Guiding Catheter Compatibility
38250121 1.3F 2.0F 2.5mm 12mm 112cm 2 100cm

CONQUEROR™ Trap - Trapping Balloon Catheter

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