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CollecTiOn: Sharing Expertise from West through East Successfully Held on February 4th 2021

04 Feb 2021

APT Medical’s opening online symposium in 2021, CollecTiOn: Sharing Expertise from West through East, was successfully held on February 4th, 2021.

Top interventional cardiologists from China, China Taiwan, Italy, Pakistan and Indonesia shared their knowledge and experience in complex PCI procedures, especially how high-performance medical devices from APT Medical help them tackle CTOs (Chronic Total Occlusions).

Chairperson Prof. Jianping Li (Peking University First Hospital, China) introduced panelist Dr. Sajid Dhakam (Indus Hospital, South City Hospital, Pakistan) and four other speakers which marked the beginning.

The first speaker Prof. Garbo (Board of EuroCTO Club, Director of Complex Coronary Intervention and CTO PCI at Maria Pia Hospital GVM Care & Research, Italy) shared his latest cases using Expressman™ guiding extension catheter in which challenging and torturous anatomies crossed quickly and successfully, this topic was followed by discussion of how DoubleTwin™ side holes in Expressman™ benefits patients’ safety. The second speaker Prof. Chiung-Jen Wu (Chang Gung Memorial Hospital China Taiwan) brought in his substantial experience in CTO via snuffbox (distal radial artery), a newer and better approach for both patients and operators. The distal radial artery (aka dTR) is the latest PCI access technique, assisted by Braidin™ (thin-wall) introducer sheath. Dr. Li’s (Peking University First Hospital, China) presentation showed how DEB (Drug Eluting Balloon) played a vital role in nowadays CTO PCI with Instantpass™ Microcatheter delivery. The last speaker Dr. Santoso (Primaya Hospital, Indonesia) also introduced practical experience in CTOs with APT Medical devices.

“I do enjoy very much from symposium and thank APT Medical for organizing this session”, said Prof. Chiung-Jen Wu and Prof. Jianping Li as the wrap-up.

APT Medical’s cardiovascular and vascular intervention product line covers a wide selection of devices with some of them dedicated to complex PCI. With APT Medical’s expansion, we are committing to our mission of " sharing our technology with more patients and to change their life better in the field of cardiovascular, making healthcare affordable".