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Expressman™ 指引延伸导管病例分享研讨会

APT Medical Expressman™ 导引延伸导管病例分享研讨会连接杭州、台湾的CTO专家参与分享,聚焦Expressman™ 5-4F 带侧孔导引延伸导管用于解决远端阻塞病例及更多复杂临床案例分享。

Overcoming Challenges in the Complex PCI

Join Prof. Maciej Lesiak, Dato’ Dr. Muhamad Ali, dr. Bimo Bintoro and dr. Dasaad Mulijono to explore how to overcome challenges in the complex PCI with the latest techniques.

Overcoming the tortuosity in complex PCI - EuroPCR 2021

Watch this video presented by Prof. Shao-Liang Chen, Prof. Roberto Garbo, Prof. Maciej Lesiak, and Dr. Jose Antonio Linares Vicente in order to understand how tortuosity impacts the practice of complex PCI and CTO PCI, and learn about the use of guiding extension, as well as of spherical tip NC balloon catheter in tortuous complex PCI.

CTO cases and techniques sharing through West and East

Watch this video presented by Prof. Jianping Li, Prof. Roberto Garbo, Prof. Chiung-Jen Wu, Dr. Yuxi Li and Dr. Rony Marethianto Santoso to learn about their knowledge and experience in complex PCI procedures, especially how high-performance medical devices from APT Medical help them tackle CTO PCI.

PCI connecting the world

Watch this video presented by Prof. Kefei Dou, Dr. Huai-wen Liang, Dr. Christian Nolte Rickards, Dr. María Teresa Gil Jiménez, and Dr. Neisser Morales-Victorino to learn about their knowledge and experience in complex PCI and CTO PCI, especially how APT Medical’s braided sheath introducer, Expressman™ Guiding Extension Catheter, Conqueror™ NC PTCA Balloon Catheter, and coronary Microcatheter helped them in difficult procedures.

Trans Asia Pacific Cardiac Intervention Summit

Watch this video presented by Prof. Luo Jianfang, Dr. Hseng-Long Yeh, Dr. Sriram Tiwari, Prof.Luo Jianfang, Dr. Achmad Fauzi Yahya, Dr. Simon Lo to find out the insights about Cardiac Intervention procedures, and learn more about how APT variable guiding sheath, Braidin™ thin-wall sheath, and Expressman™ Guiding Extension Catheter improved their techniques and skills.